January 29, 2012

How Different Traffic Infractions Affect Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Infractions that result in a ticket and a record of driving violations will undoubtedly result in higher auto insurance costs. People that are looking for auto insurance quotes need to keep this fact in mind. The logic behind this phenomenon is quite simple and easy to understand. A person that has a history of driving violations is likely to get involved in an accident once again, which will ultimately signify higher expenditures for the insurance company.

Auto insurance quotes are provided on the basis of the driving record, as well as on the basis of several other factors. Some statistics show that violations can increase auto insurance costs by as much as 50 percent.

The drivers that have one violation on record are likely to pay 18 percent more than individuals that have a clear record. On the average, annual premiums for impeccable drivers total $1,119. A single violation will increase the price to about $1,318, according to a study conducted by a major insurance website. People who have three or more violations are likely to pay about $1,713 for the same insurance, which is a significant increase.

Naturally, each violation has a specific weight when a decision is made about the auto insurance quotes given to a specific individual. Serious offenses will affect the price much more than a minor driving violation.

Some experts have ranked violations. Speeding can cause higher premiums and a history of speeding will cause some insurance companies to discontinue the policy. Serious offenses like drunk driving will be even more detrimental. The offenses that will lead to higher auto insurance costs include driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, failure to stop and fleeing from police, reckless driving, running a red light, illegal u-turns, and improper passing.

The additional charge for each offense will vary from one state to another and from one insurance company to the next one. One thing is certain, people who are known for infractions will minimize their chances of getting inexpensive car insurance.

People who have a history of violations should shop around and compare quotes. It is still possible for them to discover something affordable, though the chances are slimmer than the ones for an impeccable driver. Increasing the deductible is another way of lowering the annual premium. Poor drivers with a good credit rating may also discover some affordable options.

A history of road violations and poor driving will make it more difficult for people to find affordable and extensive auto coverage. Each violation has a specific weight and importance. Generally, the more serious the offense is, the higher the price of the auto insurance quote will become.