June 6, 2010

How Driving Carefully Can Lower Auto Insurance Quotes

No factor affects the cost of car insurance quite as much as the habits of a driver. Fast, irresponsible drivers frequently receive tickets and are involved in at-fault accidents. Conversely, good driving habits are a great asset, as they keep your vehicle, your life, and your insurance premiums safe. Defensive drivers are much less likely to be involved in serious accidents, and quite logically, they’re also less likely to be the cause of those accidents. They receive preferential auto insurance quotes, and can generally afford better coverage. In short, car insurance companies will do just about anything to sign a careful driver to a new policy, and every driver should work on developing defensive driving skills.

Good driving habits can take many forms, but in short, the idea is to be prepared for anything on the road. Stay focused and avoid talking on a cell phone or texting (texting while driving, in particular, has become illegal in many states as a result of recent legislation). Watch other drivers, and try not to exceed the speed limit. Remember that any sort of traffic violation will affect your driving record, and there’s no way to hide a citation from your insurance company. Driving carefully doesn’t take more than a bit of common sense, but it does require some effort and dedication.

If you don’t think that your driving skills are quite up to snuff, you can usually find a defensive driving course to help you re-learn the rules of the road. These courses are flexible, as they’re designed as refresher courses for adults who have long since passed their driver’s education courses. They can also save you money, as insurance companies often offer special discounts to drivers that complete them. However, not all insurance companies will offer a discount for defensive driving courses, so be sure to check with your insurance company via web or phone before enrolling. In any case, taking a class can be a great, low-cost way to learn to drive more safely and carefully.

Driving carefully won’t have any immediate affect on auto insurance quotes, of course. Accidents and traffic citations stay on a driver’s record for about two years, and state law determines when insurance companies must stop considering past incidences when deciding the cost of premiums. Still, by being aware of your good and bad driving habits and taking steps towards driving carefully, you’ll drastically reduce your risk of an accident. Over time, this will certainly affect your auto insurance quotes, and you’ll see better rates for the same amount of insurance coverage.