January 5, 2012

How Educational Discounts Can Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Getting a driver's license is every teenager's biggest dream - at least at the time. It gives them the opportunity to take on the responsibility of driving and being able to get themselves from point A to point B. Obtaining that card also gives parents a chance to see how their children react when given that level of responsibility and are always content to see them achieve such an accomplishment. But getting a license is also followed by the purchasing of a car for the teen or putting them on the auto insurance policy of their parents. In either case, the cost to insure a teenager or new driver can often be quite high since they have no driving experience on the road and teens tend to be erratic drivers. Even with the rising insurance costs in the auto insurance realm, there are still ways to get discounts for teens and college students through educational discounts that just about everyone can take advantage of.

With the rising insurance costs associated with auto insurance, it's important to take advantage of any discounts available to drivers. Luckily for parents, there are a few different educational discounts that can be utilized to lower the monthly premiums for insurance policies containing young drivers. These educational discounts can be applied to both teens in high school and young adults in college and the great thing is that most states allow children to stay on their parent's auto insurance plan until they turn 25.

One of the best and easiest discounts to take advantage of is the good grades discount. This discount is just as simple and self-explanatory as the title itself. Any teen or young adult that does well in school and maintains a GPA average (determined by the insurance company), will get a discount on their auto insurance. The way to prove this is by getting the quarter's report card for high school students and a semester's worth of grades for college students. This is all the proof that's needed for the insurance company to apply the correct discount.

Another great discount available also has to do with grades but takes it a step further. For those that stay on the dean's list (college students) or honor roll (high school students), additional discounts are available. For students that are consistent, some insurance companies even give extra discounts for each semester. This means a much lower premium on the auto insurance policy.

In order to find out if your insurance policy gets these discounts, it's important to speak to an insurance agent. If the discounts aren't automatically applied, then speak to an insurance agent.