August 10, 2010

How Joining A Professional Organization Can Lower Insurance Premiums

One way to lower your next auto insurance quote is to join a professional organization. Even if you are a student in the field, you may be eligible to join. When comparing a policy directly from an insurance company and a quote that includes a professional organization insurance discount, you may save money by using their group buying power.

Almost every industry has a professional association. Engineers can join the National Society of Professional Engineers and get discounts on auto insurance quotes. A pet sitter can join National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and get special insurance rates. Other groups that can help you to get professional organization insurance reductions are fraternities and sororities for professionals in a certain type of business. Some of these groups have allied themselves with insurers that will give special discounts to members. You can also contact your alumni organization to see what kinds of discounts are available to alumni members. Many universities have alumni associations for particular professions.

Your local chamber of commerce is an organization for business professionals that may have member benefits that often include a discount on an auto insurance quote. You may even be able to get the discount if you are not the owner of the business. Some programs through the chamber of commerce include the employees of any business that belongs to the chamber. You can join a business networking group. These kinds of groups usually consist of professionals from various fields who meet on a regular basis in order to share leads for new customers and exchange information. They may have member benefits that include auto insurance quote discounts.

Trade organizations are groups that are organized to further a particular business sector. For example, pilots might be members of the Airline Pilots Association. If you belong to a labor union, then contact your trade organization to inquire about member insurance discounts that are available.

In contrast to the way that people in high risk professions pay more for insurance, there are certain professions that get discounts. Teacher, physicians and engineers all get discounts. But if you work for certain employers or belong to a professional association, you may get a discount without going through the organization. If you give the information to your agent, they will simply include the discount in your quote.

Taking advantage of professional organization insurance discounts is a matter of investigating which organization you are qualified to join and finding out what kind of discounts are available. You will probably have to pay membership dues, but consider what other member benefits you might use such as continuing education and professional publications when deciding whether to join.