January 4, 2011

How Mechanical Failures Can Increase Your Auto Insurance Premiums

There are a number of factors that go into determining overall auto insurance premiums for drivers and their vehicles. Items such as the year and make of the vehicle, where and how it is being driven and how far it will be going each day will all influence the overall cost of auto insurance premiums. But while there are a number of items that are beyond the control of consumers when it comes to influencing auto insurance premiums, there are a number that clients are able to alter based on their own actions. One of the simplest of these factors that can be influenced by customers is the regular repair and maintenance of their vehicle in order to prevent mechanical failures while it is on the road. If a vehicle is well-maintained and taken care of, a client can help to limit their overall auto insurance premiums.

Regular maintenance by a licensed mechanic is essential in keeping a vehicle not only running, but running safely while it is on the road. If a vehicle is kept in good condition, not only will the chance of an accident go down, but also the chance that a mechanical failure will sideline a vehicle while it is in transit. Regular inspections and documentation to go with them allow an insurance company to see that a client is not only taking care of their vehicle but is doing so in keeping with the recommendations set out by the manufacturer. This in turn can lead to lower auto insurance premiums for a driver as their insurance provider will view them as being a lower risk.

For those who choose not to properly maintain their vehicles, a number of effects can result. The fist is that a vehicle can be more prone to accidents due to mechanical failures in the engine, steering system or brakes. These mechanical failures could lead to a collision with another car or with an object on the road, which will in turn lead to an insurance claim. If the insurance company then finds out that a driver has not been properly maintaining their vehicle, they may be able to reduce the amount they choose to payout or not payout the claim at all. Mechanical failures can be due to a flaw in the vehicle which a driver cannot control, but regular maintenance that is ignored by a driver can result in higher auto insurance premiums.

Regular maintenance on any vehicle is an essential part of keeping insurance premiums low and keeping a vehicle functioning as it is intended. For drivers, keeping their insurance costs low can in many respects be as simple as taking their car for regular mechanical checkups.