January 25, 2012

How State Auto Insurance Laws Affect Teen Drivers

Every state has different laws in place that can protect teen drivers. As a result, the state auto insurance laws also are in place to protect teens, which can often mean higher insurance rates to help cover potential risks that are available on the road with new drivers.

Many state laws are in place for teen drivers. These are usually because of past experience with teen drivers. Some states have higher statistics of teen deaths and other accidents because of the inexperienced drivers in the driver's seat. As a result, states have made it harder for teens to get their license.

Teens may be able to get a learner's permit at 15 in some states and not until 16 in others. It may be legal for some teens to drive at night in some states while others must be off the road by 7 pm. All of these different laws have been set to keep teens safer and thus minimize the number of accidents that they could potentially be involved in.

The state auto insurance that is in place for teens usually reflects these laws. The ones where states have cracked down significantly are actually more affordable to insure a teen driver in because there is a less likely chance of them being involved in an accident.

The states where there aren't as many laws, however, can cost more for insurance. The reason is because of the greater risk. It is no secret that teen drivers are the most expensive drivers to insure. The average family insurance plan can jump by $1,000 a year when a teen driver is added to the policy. While state laws help to minimize the costs, they are still in force all across the country.

By understanding the state auto insurance laws, it can be easier to understand the different costs associated with insuring a teen driver. Paying for additional driving courses can reduce the costs. Ensuring that the teen drivers get their permits and wait an allotted time before getting an actual driver's license can also reduce some of the costs.

Every state is trying to reduce the number of accidents that teen drivers are involved in every year. Statistically, California is one of the higher fatality rates amongst teen drivers, and several other states take turns appearing in the top five. The more the laws are enforced and put into place, the easier it will be to keep teenage drivers safe.

Statistics show that teen drivers are more likely to have an accident. Time will tell if any of the measures taken by the states will drive the statistics down and the costs for insuring teens as well.