March 12, 2010

How Students Can Find Lower Auto Insurance Quotes Without Joining A Parent’s Policy

When you are studying in high school or college you need a car of your own. There is just so much you can not imagine doing without that car. However, along with the car comes the responsibility of auto insurance. As a responsible driver, you need to make sure that you have auto insurance for your car. If you take a look at the average auto insurance quotes for students, you will find that they can be quite steep. This is because car insurance quotes consider the student community, as a whole, not quite as responsible as adults, to whom the companies are willing to offer lower premiums.

So how do you get a lower auto insurance quote despite being part of the student community? One way to do it would be to ask your parents if they will allow you to join in on their auto policy. But this may not always be an option, or even your desired choice. The auto insurance quote can be adjusted on a person-to-person basis, and for the auto insurance company to consider you less of a risk than a regular student, you need to have a clean chit on all your records. This begins with your academic record. Yes, if you get good grades and are a full-time student, the insurance companies are likely to offer you lower auto insurance quotes.

The next way to lower your insurance cost is pure common sense – be a safe and careful driver. If you don’t have a history of getting parking tickets and have never been in a crash, you have a better chance of getting lower car insurance quotes than you fellow students. In fact, you can use this clean record of yours to lower an existing premium as well when you go in for the renewal. Persistent, good behavior is rewarded well in terms of lower auto insurance costs. This good behavior needs to reflect in your credit card history as well. If you don’t get into too much debt, you are seen as more responsible than other students by the insurance companies.

Another factor which is likely to lower the auto insurance cost that you must bear is driving frequency. Some insurance companies also offer a discount to students who have shorter distances to cover. The idea being that, the less you are on the road, the less likely are you to get into an accident. And as a student, you know there is a lot you can do with that extra money that you will save on the policy. So get wise to the options that are available to you to lower your auto insurance.