August 15, 2010

How Theft Protection Devices Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

Like most everyone else, you are looking for ways to save money on auto insurance. You may be considering various theft protection devices, but before you make the purchase you want to know how they will affect your auto insurance quotes. Theft protection devices can lower the cost of the comprehensive portion of your overall coverage. It is this portion of your policy that covers damages or loss for incidences such as fire, water, theft and vandalism. Of course, it is the purpose of car alarms and other anti-theft devices to deter vandalism and theft.

The exact effect that a theft protection device will have on your auto insurance quote will depend on several variables. First, the type of device is important. Some anti-theft devices are valued more by auto insurance companies. Secondly, the area in which you live will be significant. Finally, the auto insurance company supplying the quote will determine the extent of the discount.

You can expect anywhere from a two to five percent reduction on auto insurance quotes due to theft protection devices. Most auto insurance companies will not go any higher than five percent unless you live in a high crime area where your premiums are already inflated due to the higher risk of theft or vandalism. Also, with your vehicle more secure, you are less likely to put in a theft or vandalism claim that can rapidly increase your premiums.

There are a variety of theft protection devices on the market, and most will have some positive effect on your premiums. Some of the most common anti-theft devices include steering wheel locks, car alarms, tire locks, ignition kill switches and tracking devices.

Ignition kill switches coupled with tracking devices are becoming very popular and may offer you the largest discount. If a car thief breaks into your vehicle and gets out on the road, the ignition kill switch can stop the thief in his or her tracks. The tracking device can then alert authorities to the exact location of your vehicle.

Theft protection devices can save you money on your auto insurance and also offer peace of mind. The cost of purchasing and installing a specific type of device should be balanced with the savings it can offer you. If you are on a fairly tight budget, you may want to stick with a less expensive device; however, keep in mind that the seemingly small savings will add up month after month.

To find out which of the theft protection devices will offer you the most savings, gather as many auto insurance quotes as possible. Car insurance quotes can be obtained online with a minimal investment of time.