April 22, 2012

How To Deal With Hail Damage On A New Car

Hail damage can increase a driver's auto insurance costs substantially and ruin the look of a new vehicle. Worse yet, some insurance companies will not pay for hail damage unless drivers select special policy add-ons. When reading through multiple auto insurance quotes, drivers should always check comprehensive coverage options to make sure that each insurer offers some type of hail damage coverage, but there are numerous ways to safely remove hail dents from a new car without making an insurance claim.

One of the fastest ways to remove dents from hail damage is to use a simple bathroom plunger. By wetting the outside of a plunger and centering it on each dent, drivers can often quickly pop out dents. The main advantage of this method is that most drivers have a plunger somewhere in their homes. The trouble with the plunger approach is that it can damage a vehicle's paint if the dents are too large, and it doesn't work extremely well if the dents are especially small. The dent-popping pressure is strongest at the center of the plunger, so drivers need to carefully line up the plunger on the dent for the best possible effect.

A more professional option is a dent removal kit, which gradually ratchets up pressure to cleanly remove dents without risking damage to a vehicle's finish. In order to get the best possible effect, drivers should carefully follow the instructions included with these kits. If a car has more than a few hail damage dents, these kits are a better option than a plunger, but they are often inefficient. Removing several dents from the car may take an hour or two, depending on the severity of the dents and their location. Some drivers also note that dent removal kits can improve hail dents but do not necessarily repair them completely.

If removal kits do not work or when hail damages any paint, drivers can contact their insurance companies to find out about hail damage coverage. Insurance companies will often increase a driver's auto insurance costs after a comprehensive claim, but the claim is certainly worthwhile if a driver has a new vehicle with serious hail damage.

Auto body shops can eliminate dents by using special tools to push the dents out from the inside of the vehicle. They can also repair finish problems safely, so drivers with severe hail damage should consider an auto insurance claim first. This is generally the best option for protecting the look and overall value of the vehicle. After making the claim, drivers should look for multiple auto insurance quotes to compare costs and avoid an unnecessarily high increase in their car insurance premiums.