March 18, 2011

How To Find Great Auto Insurance For Multiple Family Vehicles

If your family has multiple vehicles and multiple drivers, you might be surprised at the high cost of your automobile insurance coverage. This is especially true for families with teenage drivers, but fortunately, there are a few ways to lower the cost of multiple vehicle insurance for a family with the right techniques. To keep your family's insurance bills in check, you'll have to understand your risk factors and maybe look around for a few insurance quotes before selecting a policy. Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

The cost of multiple vehicle insurance will be higher if one or more of the vehicles have poor safety ratings or if they're statistically unsafe. You can check this by looking for online insurance quotes for various models of vehicles. By far, the best way to keep a family's automobile insurance costs down is to look for a safe vehicle and to keep younger drivers away from any fast or dangerous vehicles (this will also give parents some peace of mind, too). You can also cut down on the number of vehicles that your family uses. Remember, each additional vehicle is a completely separate cost from the insurance provider's point of view–by cutting down from three cars to two and so on, you'll lower your multiple vehicle insurance bills by a large percentage. For some families, however, this isn't a possibility.

For those families, it's especially important to look at as many insurance quotes as possible before purchasing a policy. Make sure that the insurance companies understand that multiple drivers and vehicles will be on the policy, as they'll often offer special discounts, and sit down with a few quotes to look for the best value in terms of coverage and premiums. Ask about additional discount programs. For instance, many insurance providers cut the cost of insurance for drivers that take driver's education courses. Have any new drivers in a family and any drivers who have a few tickets on their records look into these courses as a way of decreasing the overall cost of the policy. Ask if the insurance company offers other types of insurance, such as home insurance, and consider consolidating multiple policies for more savings. Speak with an agent to find out about other discount options.

Multiple vehicle insurance will necessarily cost more than insurance for a single family vehicle, but it's very possible to keep your rates low with smart risk assessment. Keep looking at as many insurance quotes as possible and investigate all available discounts. Multiple vehicles can be affordable, even when younger or riskier drivers are involved.