August 2, 2011

How To Keep Auto Insurance Rates From Changing After An Accident

After having an accident, people usually experience an increase in their auto insurance premiums. There are steps that insureds can take to keep their insurance rates low even after having an accident.

If you have been in an accident or are in an accident in the future, chances are you will see an increase in your auto insurance rates some time after reporting the accident to your car insurance company. This is true even if you were not found to be at fault in the accident and received no citations. After having an accident, most insurance companies increase the rates because the risk of insuring the insured who has been in an accident has increased.

Drivers who have been in an accident hate having to pay extra for their car insurance, so they often look for ways to keep their rates down after an accident. One of the most popular steps that insureds take to reduce the cost of their insurance premiums after an accident is by attending a safe driver or defensive driving course. Although defensive driving courses do not always result in too much of an increase, insureds are usually given a credit or discount for having successfully completed a defensive driving course. Before enrolling in a course, insureds should make sure they will receive a discount.

Another popular way for insureds to keep their auto insurance rates low after an accident is by changing the amount of their deductible. By electing a higher deductible, insureds can reduce their premiums to a lower amount. However, insureds that elect a higher deductible will pay much more money if they are ever in an accident, so that is something insureds should consider before electing a higher deductible. If the savings on premiums is not going to be considerable, it may be more cost-effective for insureds to keep the lower deductible in place.

Another option that drivers have to keep their insurance premiums low after an accident is to switch insurance companies. Many insureds are able to keep their insurance rates low by shopping around for another insurance policy. In addition to switching insurance companies, insureds may also be able to lower their rates simply by driving a car that costs less to insure. Since car insurance premiums are also based on the type of car or SUV an insured drives, sometimes switching vehicles that cost less to insure will result in a tremendous drop in insurance premiums.

By taking the time to do research on various auto insurance options, insureds who have been in an accident will find a way to keep their auto insurance rates low even after being in an accident.