January 1, 2011

How To Modify Auto Insurance Rates For Vanpool Vehicles

Joining a vanpool is an attractive option for those concerned with saving money and the environment. People who live in large cities usually have a long commute to work and this takes a lot of fuel and puts more traffic on the highway. Vanpool vehicles can hold up to 15 people and the auto insurance rates are shared by the members of the pool. This can save hundreds per year for everyone in the van.

It is important to have a good van insurance package in order to cover all liabilities and risk. Some of the better policies will have 24 hour road assistance and month to month flexibility. Members of a vanpool will share the cost of the commute along with the cost of maintenance and insurance. This is done by making a set payment every month. Usually one member of the group is elected to be the bookkeeper. If the van is leased, this is sometimes taken care of by the leasing company.

Ride sharing is great for the wallet and for the environment. Money is saved for the owner by not having to shoulder the fuel and maintenance on a vehicle alone, and the environment is better off because there are less cars on the roads to leak gas emissions. It is more important than ever to think about keeping the air free from pollutants.

When considering a policy for ride sharing it is important to be sure you raise the medical payout for bodily injury, and have plenty of liability insurance. The policy will also need to allow for more than one driver. This driver needs to be someone with a good driving record for the best rates. Before starting a vanpool be sure the current policy on the vehicle being used will allow for ride sharing. If it does not, then change to a policy just for vanpool vehicles. The auto insurance rates will be different and probably higher, but they will be shared with other riders. It is simple to modify auto insurance rates for vanpool vehicles by asking an insurance agent.

In order to keep great insurance rates it is important to make as few claims as possible. It will help to have rules in the van. There should be no playing around by passengers that may cause a distraction to the drivers and no loud music to keep the driver from hearing traffic in all directions. The commute can still be fun and pleasant without being dangerous.

Give ride sharing a try and start or join a vanpool. Share the cost of insurance, fuel, and maintenance and save money and the environment.