September 6, 2011

How To Receive The Latest Auto Insurance Quotes On Your Mobile Device

Getting accurate auto insurance quotes is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. Drivers can get a quote in only a few seconds, and as mobile devices like smart phones and tablets become more popular, there are also several new ways to get auto insurance quotes from just about anywhere. Most car insurance companies offer at least one or two ways for drivers to get auto insurance quotes on the go, usually through mobile apps and Web portals.

Any mobile devices that can access the Internet can also look up auto insurance quotes through cost comparison websites, and these web portals probably offer the fastest means of collecting auto insurance quotes. Cost comparison websites take basic information from a user and send it to several car insurance companies to generate auto insurance quotes. They only take a few minutes to use and can accurately give a driver an idea of the auto insurance rates available to him or her. As car insurance comparison websites only take a very limited amount of information from drivers-usually the driver's age, some driving history info and info about the vehicle make and model-mobile devices can easily input this info in a few seconds. Some mobile browsers may not be capable of using certain comparison websites, but these websites can save drivers a tremendous amount of time and are certainly worth a try.

Several car insurance companies have their own dedicated apps which make it easier for drivers to get quotes while car shopping or while away from a computer. Dedicated car insurance apps take the same information as web forms, but they're designed especially for mobile devices and may be easier to use. Usually, a car insurance company's Web app is basically its website with a customized graphical interface. While web apps can be great tools for collecting data from individual websites, they can be slower than cost comparison websites, as they only provide data from one car insurance company at a time.

Regardless of the method that a driver uses to collect car insurance quotes from a mobile device, looking at a few quotes can lead to much lower costs and a better all-around policy. Mobile devices make it easy to figure out what a car insurance policy will cost before a vehicle is purchased, which can help a driver plan his or her costs while shopping. Looking at quotes on a mobile device can also be a good way to spend some free time, as many drivers overpay for their car insurance policies. Looking at new quotes every once in a while can keep a driver in the know about the cost of his policy.