August 25, 2010

How Yearly Vehicle Inspections Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

Finding low auto insurance quotes can be difficult, but for many drivers, it's well worth the time spent. Drivers use just about every means possible to find low quotes, but the most effective methods are often the simplest. It's possible to cut the cost of auto insurance quotes with vehicle inspections, sometimes by extremely significant amounts. Vehicle inspections can make a car, truck, SUV or van much safer, as they help to keep vehicles in good condition and safe on the road. This means that from an insurance company's point of view, vehicle inspections can make a large difference in safety.

This means that keeping a record of your annual vehicle inspections is a very good idea, as these records can be used in your favor when looking for auto insurance quotes. Showing them to an insurance agent can be a good way to ask for a discounted rate. Some insurance companies even offer discounts as a standard policy for drivers who keep vehicle inspection records. Auto insurance quotes are figured using actuarial tables, and almost anything can factor into premiums. Proof of a car's good care will certainly have an impact. The inspections will help to show auto insurance companies that you're a safe driver with a safe vehicle, and they can become a powerful negotiation tool in the right circumstances.

A record of your vehicle inspections will also be quite useful if you ever need to make an auto insurance claim. Vehicle inspections are an excellent way to prove that mechanical negligence didn't lead to the claim. This is most important when an insurance company is trying to prove otherwise; for instance, an insurer might claim that neglected brakes led to an accident, and therefore, it should not have to pay out on a claim. If you have the vehicle inspection records to prove your case, the insurer will be legally bound to pay out on the policy (depending on the laws in your state and the unique situation, of course). Keep a record of every inspection that you get, and always follow the proper procedures for reporting claims. Ask your insurance agent about sending copies of the inspection reports in to claims officers.

Of course, vehicle inspections are only valuable if they're performed on time. Follow the inspection recommendations listed in your car's manual, or ask your auto insurance company for a vehicle inspection schedule. They may also be able to recommend a mechanic to perform the inspections. When you take care of your vehicle, you'll pay less for repairs, and you'll enjoy much lower auto insurance quotes and safer insurance coverage in general.