November 10, 2011

Important Auto Insurance Coverage To Add To A Family Plan

It can be difficult to find a family car insurance policy that provides adequate coverage for every family member. This is particularly true when buying insurance online, as different types of car insurance can be confusing and it can be difficult to budget for the high monthly premiums that most so-called "full coverage" plans can carry. In order to pick auto insurance coverage that's both affordable and protective, buyers should carefully consider every available option before opening a new policy.

Families typically need more auto insurance coverage than individual drivers, especially if teenage drivers will be named in the policy. Teenage drivers are generally considered high risks, as they're significantly more likely to be at fault in an accident than older drivers. A family car insurance policy should have a large amount of liability coverage to protect teen drivers from the astronomical costs of a severe accident. Personal injury protection is another important coverage, as it pays for the costs of a driver and his or her passengers' medical bills after an accident. It's particularly important for families with high deductible health insurance policies or when some drivers frequently carpool to work or to school. Other basic types of car insurance coverage that should be included on every policy are comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, which pay for damages to the family vehicle that occur in an accident or while the vehicle is parked.

There are also a few add-on coverage types that can be useful in a family car insurance policy. Roadside Assistance is a good example, as it pays for towing and related expenses in an emergency. All covered drivers can use Roadside Assistance, regardless of whether they're driving the vehicle listed on a policy, so it can be an extremely helpful type of coverage for individuals who travel frequently. Some car insurance companies also provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance, which can provide important financial protection from funeral expenses, hospital bills and other expenses after a major accident. Drivers should consider all of the add-on coverage types offered by their insurance providers when selecting a policy.

It's helpful to compare auto insurance quotes when buying a family policy, as this will allow drivers to compare the different types of coverage that various insurance companies offer. Comparing rates is also a good way to learn how different types of coverage will work in an accident, as most insurance companies explain their coverage in detail on their websites or in written quotes. All families should take the time to think about coverage, as having a full understanding of auto insurance is the best way to avoid policies that don't provide enough protection.