September 16, 2009

Infinity Insurance Initiates Program Monarca In Southern California

To assist the large numbers of unemployed workers in Southern California, the auto insurance company, Infinity Insurance, has implemented Program Monarca, a free online job search kit. This excellent resource, offered in both English and Spanish, provides unemployed people all the useful information necessary to finding and securing a job in this tough economy. Coming in an easily printable, PDF format, the kit provides information on how to get started on a job search through networking, newspapers, Internet, and temporary and contract work, as well as using federal and local government resources. Infinity even extends kit users the opportunity to visit one of their local, Southern California auto insurance offices for free assistance in printing, faxing or copying job applications and resumes to ease the process.

The easy-to-read guide provides job experience worksheets to aid job seekers in presenting the most thorough account of their job histories to potential employers. Also included in the kit is a personal information worksheet that gives excellent advice on how to choose references and most effectively present education, skills and personal information, such as address and phone numbers, to anyone reviewing the application. The auto insurance company even provides a practice application form to familiarize people with the process. The guide goes on to offer valuable tips and resources in writing a winning resume, as well as examples and guides to penning a professional cover.

Program Monarca doesn't stop with just resume and job search guidance. They also offer a section on interview preparation, commonly asked interview questions and follow-up so that a job candidate knows the dos and don'ts of interviewing techniques. This includes how to research the company applied to and how to dress and act when trying to make that crucial first impression. Infinity additionally lays out valuable questions to ask the interviewer, so that the applicant is well rehearsed, more comfortable and full of self-confidence.

Through Program Monarca, auto insurance company Infinity has shown corporate and social responsibility to not only their auto insurance policyholders, but to all individuals in Southern California who find themselves out of work and have been unable to secure employment during difficult economic times. The company's generous offer for assistance is available at participating Infinity agencies in locations as far south as Santa Anna, through Inglewood, Los Angeles and Pasadena, and as far north as Fresno. To find more information and download this excellent job resource kit, go to Infinity Insurance's website at Whether you are a seasoned job hunter or a young student entering the workforce for the first time, Program Monarca offers valuable insights that everyone can benefit from.