June 4, 2010

Joining AAA For Insurance Discounts

Everyone likes to save money on car insurance. The real challenge is figuring out how to get the best auto insurance discounts on the policy that makes the most sense for you and your family. Becoming a member of the American Automobile Association, more commonly known as AAA, could save you serious cash on your auto insurance. If shopping around for coverage, consider getting an auto insurance quote directly from AAA. It could be to your benefit to use AAA as your primary provider.

Next time you are renewing your existing auto insurance policy, check into AAA-member discounts, which can save you serious money on your monthly premiums. There are a couple different types of AAA memberships - you'll have to decide which is best for you. First, there's the basic membership, offering 24-hour towing, fuel delivery, locksmith reimbursements and much more. Battery replacement and tire service are benefits of AAA membership, too. The AAA Plus RV membership is similar to the basic program, but offers more comprehensive coverage for more vehicle types, like travel trailers, motor homes, campers and motorcycles. Because AAA has more than 50 million members, it's able to provide the nation's most comprehensive roadside assistance network, which means help gets to you fast.

AAA doesn't just provide emergency roadside service, it also gives you access to a wealth of useful information for when you're on the road. The AAA mobile solutions program, another benefit of membership, allows you to download and install travel-friendly applications onto your phone. Specific apps include: AAA TripTik Mobile, AAA Roadside and AAA Discounts. You can even access AAA on your smartphone.

Also, consider using AAA as your primary car insurance provider. If you already have some sort of AAA coverage, like home, condo or renter's insurance, you're likely to receive a discount on auto insurance. AAA offers savings to members of certain credit unions and professional organizations, as well as good student and good driver discounts. You should contact AAA directly to receive a personalized auto insurance quote.

Not only can AAA save you money on your car insurance and other auto-related costs, but your membership card can save you money elsewhere. AAA has partnered with big retailers like Barnes&Noble.com, Penske, CARFAX, and Target to save you money on purchases. AAA members can get discounts on cell phone plans, hotels and rental cars, too. Often, the fee to be an AAA member easily pays for itself over a year. AAA is a great way to get auto insurance discounts with lots of added perks and bonuses tacked on.