July 25, 2011

Making A Claim Online And How It Works

Most major car insurance providers now offer auto insurance online, and this is convenient for drivers for a number of reasons. Policy holders can update their coverage, pay their bills and even make an online claim. An online claim can be processed very quickly and can be simpler to submit than a paper claim. Understanding the online claims process is important, especially for drivers who handle other aspects of their car insurance policies through insurance company Web portals.

Most claims can be made online in a matter of minutes. Drivers log on to a web portal, where they're led through the step-by-step process of submitting a claim. Certain information will be required of a driver, just as it is in a paper claim. Drivers will be expected to submit pictures that back up their claims of damage, bills associated with an accident, and an account of the accident. As with a paper claim, drivers can draw upon the experience of an auto insurance representative when submitting an online claim. Many online auto insurance companies offer a web chat service, and when this isn't available, drivers can simply call for advice if a question seems confusing or complex. After a claim is submitted, most websites will allow a driver to follow the status of a claim. Several auto insurance companies will also email their drivers when a claim is updated. This can make the claims process much more convenient, as the driver won't have to call the insurer on a daily basis to find out the status of a claim or a payment.

Drivers who make an auto insurance online claim are entitled to the same rights as drivers who make a claim over the phone or via other means. If an auto insurance company isn't responding to a claim in a timely manner or taking too long to make a payout, a driver can still make a complaint to a state insurance commissioner. The time that an auto insurance company will have to respond to a claim varies by state, as does the time that the insurer has to make a payment after a claim has been decided. Drivers should check their state's insurance laws when making a claim and know their rights. However, an online claim is generally much faster than an offline claim, because insurance companies immediately receive all necessary information for the claim. While online claims are not prioritized, they are easier for insurance companies to handle, so resolution is typically swift. Using an online claims system can be very advantageous for a driver, and when the option is available, it's a useful tool for any auto insurance policy holder.