July 5, 2010

Minimizing Auto Insurance Premiums In A Two Car Household

It's very common today for families to have more than one vehicle. Are you aware that you can benefit from having a two car household? Multiple car discounts are widely available through most insurers. Combining two vehicles under the same policy could save you some extra cash with an auto insurance quote.

Having two vehicles insured together with the same company is much more affordable than insuring each one individually. You could save as much as 25% on an auto insurance quote for a two car household. It adds convenience as well since you only pay one premium.

Although you have both vehicles under the same policy, this doesn't mean you have to carry the same coverage on each one. You can have more or less coverage on one of the vehicles depending on what your needs are. In fact, many insurance providers offer an extra discount for having an older vehicle that's paid off on the policy. Since older vehicles require less coverage than newer ones, your premiums would be even lower.

You do not have to be married to benefit from a low auto insurance quote for insuring two vehicles. Any two car household can be eligible for a multi-car discount regardless of the relationship between drivers. Depending on your insurance company, it may be required that both drivers live at the same address.

If you are married then you may receive an additional discount for insuring two vehicles under the same policy as a married couple. This is especially true for the male driver. Car insurance is higher for male drivers than females; however, if a married couple gets insurance for multiple vehicles, his premium will be lower.

With most car insurance companies, there are no additional costs to have a policy for a two car household. Having each vehicle combined into one policy saves you from having to pay for additional fees. You don't have to worry about paying twice for renewal fees, billing fees, policy fees, and broker's fees. With a multi-car discount, renewal is easy.

Best of all, the longer you keep a policy for two vehicles through the same insurer, the more you save. Coverage for two vehicles often carries new driver benefits. For instance, if you will be adding a teen to the policy you could save with a lower premium for having them insured under a multi-car policy.

Having car insurance for a two car household will prove very beneficial for you financially. You can save even more by comparing rates for policies on multiple cars. An auto insurance quote is the best way to find the lowest rates for your multi-car coverage needs.