November 3, 2010

Must Have Automotive Insurance Facts And Information

While it has become very easy to obtain a free car insurance quote online, it's important to remember that the quote you receive initially may not represent the actual price of the policy for which you qualify. Cheap car insurance quotes may turn out to be much more expensive once all of the underwriting factors are fully considered. It just isn't possible from the brief, basic information asked for to calculate your initial free insurance quote.

Lots of separate factors affect a finalized car insurance quote. Some of these can be controlled and some cannot. Age of the insured, for example, is a major factor over which you have no control. Drivers between the ages of 25 and 56, in general, will pay less for their car insurance then drivers below the age of 25 or those older than 56. Insurance companies know that certain age groups display different risk tendencies, and this is taken into account when figuring ultimate premium requirements.

Another factor that plays a role in premium calculation is gender. With all other things being equal, a woman will automatically get a lower rate than a man because it's proven that men are at higher risk than women when it comes to driving. Insurance companies are very scientific in determining who gets what rate. Cheap car insurance quotes are most likely to be given to a middle-aged, married woman who drives a family sedan or minivan, lives in an affluent neighborhood and drives relatively few miles each year.

The reason why the above-described driver will obtain a relatively low car insurance quote is because most of the details of her life appear to be low-risk. Females are less likely to be the cause of a collision. A family sedan or minivan is less likely to be stolen and living in a nice neighborhood is safer and less congested with traffic. And, of course, being between 25 and 56 makes you a statistically safer driver.

The make and model of your car is a big factor in figuring the cost of an auto insurance policy for several reasons. A dull, non-flashy car is cheaper to insure because logic says that a dull, non-flashy person is probably at the wheel which should lower risk. It's also less likely to be stolen and, if involved in a collision, less likely to do as much damage as, for example, a big pick-up truck or SUV.

Other factors affect auto insurance underwriting, including: number of accidents, number of tickets, and, interestingly enough, grade point average for students. Statistically, smarter kids are safer drivers. Taking a driver's ed course will help too.