July 27, 2011

New Deals Being Offered By Online Auto Insurance Providers

Online auto insurance providers do business in a very crowded and very competitive market. Car insurance companies have to find new ways to get customers every day, and this means that insurance providers need to offer new discount programs, discounts and other incentives to keep their customers happy. This is good news for drivers, of course, as it means better coverage and lower overall costs.

Every online auto insurance company offers discounts, as discounts are a way to convince customers that they're getting a better-than-average deal on their policies. Of course, a car insurance company might make up for the difference by charging more for their policies overall, but customers with already-low policy premiums can still use these programs to get better deals. Many auto insurance providers have started offering special discounts to online buyers, which reduce the cost of coverage by 10% or more. These "Internet discounts" can be combined with other discounts; a provider might offer an additional discount, for example, for buyers who use a certain payment method. Most car insurance companies also have discounts for homeowners, good students, drivers who haven't had an accident in a certain amount of time and drivers who have kept their insurance policies intact for several years. A few car insurance companies even offer discounts for drivers that install tracking devices in their vehicles that report information on the driver's habits and mileage to the insurance provider. The legality of various types of insurance discounts can vary from state to state, but every driver should look into these programs as a way to get a better deal.

As add-on coverage can be a great way to get new business, many insurance providers are also expanding the types of coverage that they offer. For instance, most major insurance companies now have an "accident forgiveness" program, which costs a small amount of money–in some cases, they're even free–and "forgives" a good driver who has a single accident. That driver's premiums won't rise following a claim. There are numerous stipulations involved in these programs, and not all drivers are eligible. Other add-on coverage includes roadside assistance and custom parts and equipment coverage. Insurance companies are constantly updating the types of coverage that they offer, so it's worthwhile to look into add-on coverage types and consider whether they're worth the extra cost.

By looking at the new deals offered by auto insurance companies, drivers can get great coverage at a low price. All drivers should look for new policy incentives on a regular basis by visiting their insurers' websites and by looking online for auto insurance quotes every six months or so for better rates.