August 7, 2011

New Safety Systems Used To Help Prevent Collisions

Vehicle safety systems have improved significantly over the past several decades, reducing the number of fatal accidents and lowering the average cost of an auto insurance policy. Many vehicle manufacturers are investing in computer-based safety technology to achieve higher safety ratings, and for drivers, this can mean lower insurance costs. Some of the newest safety tech is incredibly advanced, and over the course of the next decade, digital safety technology will likely be implemented in all new vehicles.

The most exciting car safety systems are crash avoidance systems, which work by quickly assessing when a vehicle is about to be involved in an accident via digital tools and decelerating or re-steering the vehicle. While skeptics noted that a malfunctioning crash avoidance system could actually end up causing an accident, front end avoidance systems have been shown to reduce the chances of accidents significantly. A recent study from the IIHS looked at crash avoidance systems similar to those used in newer Volvo vehicles and found them to be an effective means of improving driver safety. It's likely that crash avoidance systems will result in hefty auto insurance policy discounts over the next few years as a result of the IIHS study and similar studies.

However, there's room for improvement, and car insurance companies are investing tremendous amounts of money in improved computer sensors for these types of systems. In the near future, crash avoidance systems are expected to become much more advanced. Some car reviewers have noted that vehicles will ship with a sort of "car brain" that detects side, front and rear collisions, adapting instantly to lower the chances of an accident or a serious injury. Artificial intelligence systems may also trigger airbags and other safety features several milliseconds early in a collision, which can be vital in preventing serious injuries. As with any new technology, implementation will be incredibly important – misfires could cause serious injuries. All new safety systems are evaluated by institutions like the IIHS to ensure total safety for drivers.

When shopping for a car, safety systems are important for keeping insurance rates down and decreasing the chances of an expensive and dangerous accident. Drivers should look at car insurance quotes for vehicles with different safety features, as this is an excellent and accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of various new safety systems. Crash avoidance systems are an excellent feature to look for, although they're best when paired with more traditional safety systems such as front and side curtain airbags. By selecting a vehicle with advanced safety features, drivers can gain tremendous peace of mind while keeping their car insurance rates down to an affordable level.