June 13, 2009

Auto Insurance for the Passenger

So you're a person who never drives. Maybe you don't have a license, maybe you just hate driving, or maybe you just never got around to learning. Whatever the case may be, you are always in the passenger seat, never the driver's seat. But maybe you are in the car often. There is a risk for accident, but you don't really think about it that much, probably. Maybe you have been in an accident in your life, and maybe you haven't. But you probably don't have any auto insurance. Then again, why would you? Auto insurance is for drivers, right? That's not always true, believe it or not. Now here's a scenario: what would happen if the driver got into an accident, and you were with him or her? His car would be covered by insurance but what about your health?

Here's a solution to that possibility. Passenger auto insurance provides coverage for those who don't drive but get driven around, leaving open the possibility for an accident to occur. Any time you climb into a vehicle – there's a risk involved. Maybe you drive around with someone who is, unfortunately, accident prone or drives dangerously. Should you get into an accident, there will definitely be medical bills. And did you know that medical bills are the cause of bankruptcy for 60 percent of Americans who filed for it last year? Passenger auto insurance will cover all of those interest laden medical bills, making sure you can heal without having to worry about how you're going to pay back the hospital.

Should you get into an accident, private passenger auto insurance proves to be quite the investment. You will probably end up paying the auto insurance company much less than you would have to pay back to the hospital for those medical bills for an accident that was in no way your fault.

So, like everyone else feeling the hurt during this recession, you probably want to get the best coverage you can and pay the most affordable rate. You probably didn't know that you can do a little shopping around for auto insurance quotes from the comfort of your own home. How can you quickly and easily check out tons of auto insurance company's rates for free? Do a little click click and surf the Internet for some auto insurance quotes, including private passenger insurance policies. Compare rates on private passenger auto insurance from a multitude of companies so you can make sure that you don't end up paying way too much. So good luck on getting auto insurance! Know that you will be covered if you get into an accident and your safety will be a priority, not your bills.