October 11, 2011

Protecting Teen Drivers With Auto Insurance

One of the primary concerns faced by many parents is how to protect their teens when they start to drive. Comprehensive car insurance coverage is very important for parents to have when teens are driving. There are a few things to understand about properly covering teens behind the wheel whether they are driving the same car that the parents use or if they have their own. There are different levels of car insurance coverage and there are different benefits to having each level. Auto insurance for teens is ideally a very comprehensive package, but there are other options like liability only insurance and moderately comprehensive packages. Teen auto insurance tends to be a good deal more expensive than it is for adults.

Teens belong to the highest risk category with insurance companies. This means that even though a particular teen driver may not engage in risky driving behavior, the insurance company has realized that more teens do than older and more experienced drivers. The experience factors into the rates for teen drivers as well. Even 18 and 19 year old people have only been driving for a few years and do not have the years of experience that people in their 20s and over. Older drivers have usually been driving for several years and in all seasons and can be quicker to adapt in changing road conditions. Older drivers also tend to engage in less risky driving behavior like speeding and ignoring traffic signs and signals.

Since teens can be risky on the road, comprehensive auto insurance for teens is the best kind to have. When drivers are involved in accidents, one of them is usually determined to be at fault for the incident. The driver that is at fault is then responsible for damages and medical expenses of both drivers. If a teen causes an accident and only has liability coverage on the vehicle, none of the damages to their car will be taken care of by the car insurance company. The companies will only pay out to the other driver in this circumstance. With a comprehensive package, damages to both cars and medical expenses for both people involved will be covered by the car insurance company.

Having a comprehensive package will be more expensive than only liability coverage, but it is the best way to protect a teen on the road. Most teens do not have enough experience to avoid unpredictable situations on the road and need a little bit of extra protection until they mature as drivers. If the teen is driving a car that belongs to the parents, then having damages paid for is very important. Find the best teen auto insurance quotes online.