June 5, 2009

Protecting Your Convertible

In your eyes, a convertible is sleek and sporty, the ultimate vehicle for your summer fun. But the only thing that many auto insurance companies see is a vehicle with greater liability. While conventional wisdom once dictated that cheap car insurance for convertibles was an impossibility, savvy convertible-owners can now find affordable rates by searching online car insurance quotes. Prospective convertible drivers need not worry; simply keep some of the following considerations in mind and you can have the wind in your and a cheap auto insurance.

Know the risks.  Car insurance companies typically rationalize higher rates for convertible because of the significantly lesser protection a soft-top provides. These risks are equally important for you, as the owner, to be aware of. They include:

•    Greater risk for theft. Obviously, when your top is down, the interior is accessible. Lock valuables inside the glove compartment and park in well-lit, crowded areas.
•    Less protection from the elements. Canvas and soft-top roofs do not insulate from cold, heat and moisture as well as traditional sedans – especially if you leave the top down in the rain! Keep abreast of the weather and park in a covered carport or garage.
•    Wear-and-tear and maintenance costs can be greater. A breakdown in the mechanism that opens and closes your roof can be very costly. Ensure that it's covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

As always, it is best to avoid a circumstance where you may have to file a claim. Convertibles take a bit of extra care, but being mindful can go a long ways in keeping your cheap car insurance premiums low.

Consider your insurance options. The actual model of your car plays a greater role in determining whether you will be able to find cheap auto insurance rather than the simple fact that it is a convertible. In this case, the added costs on your premium will largely depend on the optional coverage you receive. While all states require a certain minimum to cover liability for bodily injury and property damage, coverage for your car in the case that it is stolen or damaged in accident is variable depending on your insurance plan. Certain models are more likely to be stolen or driven in a reckless manner and are thus more expensive to insure. In order to find the best rate, search for online auto insurance and compare and contrast several quotes.

Safe drives pay less. As with all automobile types, affordable auto insurance rates are given to the safest drivers. Whether you are driving a convertible or minivan, your rates will always be lower if you can show a clean driving record with no accidents or moving violations. Proving that you are responsible driver can help you get cheap car insurance regardless of what you are driving.

Don't let potentially exorbitant auto insurance costs prevent you from driving your dream car. Through a combination of diligent research, safe driving habits and online car insurance quotes, cheap car insurance plans for convertibles can easily be a reality.