November 10, 2009

Rare Cars: Review Of Albar Sonic Gt

The Albar Sonic GT, one of the world’s rarest cars, was designed and built in Nidwald Switzerland by Alois Barmettler and marketed by Albar Cars of Germany.

Alois Barmettler began making Albar cars based on the Volkswagen Beetle frame. He first became famous for his 1970s beach Buggy that featured fins and air dams. While based on the VW Beetle body, the buggy also had Porsche 2.4 L power. Barmettler is also responsible for the Jet model in the early 80s. This model was more practical and included four seats and a more common Ford engine. In 1982, he created a coupe style car using a Volkswagen Straight-4 or Renault 25 engine, six headlamps and a targa roof. Based on Volkswagen running gear and coupe body design, this became the Albar Sonic.

Rare cars are often featured in movies and television, such as the DeLorean in Back to the Future, and usually become famous and popular because of their silver screen appearances. The 1986 movie Killing Cars,’ known as ‘Blitz’ in West Germany, is responsible for making the Albar Sonic GT famous. In the movie, Ralph Korda invents an automobile that does not run on gasoline. According to the Internet Movie Database, he hands over his patented world car to the German testers who, along with Arab petroleum lords, try to steal his patent. ‘The ‘ Korda World Car’ was in fact a heavily modified ‘Sonic GT’.’

Auto insurance for an Albar Sonic GT should be obtained from a classic auto specialist. A classic car insurance policy will provide the best coverage at the best price. Classic car policies offer an annual mileage limit, are based on the actual value of the car and provide additional coverage during restoration, at auto show events, while in the repair shop and during shipping. A standard policy generally will not have the best policy price and the car may be seriously underinsured. Standard policies do not account for the time and financial investment involved in owning a rare vehicle and assumes that the vehicle depreciates in value over time. While this is generally true for regular everyday vehicles, rare and classic vehicles increase in value over time based on the care it has been given. The world’s rarest cars should be protected with the best auto insurance policy available.

While Men’s Journal lists the Phantom Corsair as the world’s rarest car – being as only one was ever made in 1938 – the Albar Sonic GT is definitely among some of the rarest. While many companies worldwide and online specialize in buying and selling rare cars, it would seem impossible to find such a rare car as the Albar Sonic GT.