February 19, 2010

Reasons For High Auto Insurance Quotes For People With Criminal Records

The cost of auto insurance can vary broadly from one company to the next. The media constantly bombards us with messages from insurance companies claiming they have the lowest rates for coverage. On the surface lower cost insurance can seem attractive but beware – what you pay for is what you get. The cheapest insurance may not always be the best. A good insurance company will give you auto insurance quotes based on the state approved rates for products that best serve your individual needs. The quote you are given takes into consideration your driving history, credit history, insurance report and criminal record.

The best way to get a low price with satisfactory coverage is to ask several companies for an auto insurance quote and do a comparison. Technically a criminal record has nothing to do with a person’s driving record but ex-offenders tend to be given higher quotes for several reasons. First, they are considered high risk because on average they have bad credit scores and this means they have developed a habit of missing payments. Second, if they have been convicted and spent time in prison or jail, they have allowed their insurance policy to lapse. This is a primary reason for being forced to pay higher premiums. It is never a good plan for anyone to allow their insurance to lapse, even when changing to a new company.

The third reason is the overall risk involved to insure an individual that is more likely to engage in irresponsible activities and will cause accidents on the roads or damage to other vehicles. The amount the insurance provider believes it will have to pay out on behalf of the client is the basis of the cost of auto insurance. A criminal record in a client’s history is an indication there will be a greater cost to the provider. Higher premiums are put in place to counteract the higher risk.

If you have a criminal record you can lower your insurance costs a number of ways, starting with consistently maintaining a good driving record. Before buying a car check with a few insurance providers to determine the vehicles they can insure at a lower cost. If you already own an older car you may wish to think about dropping the comprehensive and collision coverage. You can also consider racking up lower yearly mileage on the vehicle you are driving until you have proven your driving record. Maintaining a good credit score and payment history in general will help lower your risk in the eyes of your insurance provider. You also have the option of paying a slightly higher deductible so that you can pay a lower premium.