October 5, 2009

Safety Features: Not Only Keeping You Safe, But Knocking Down Your Premiums

Many times when we shop for new cars, we end up adjusting our auto insurance as well. What few people know is that by looking for certain safety features in a new vehicle, they may save themselves a substantial amount of money when adjusting their insurance policies. That is because many insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts for safety features. At one time, safety features basically included seat belts and airbags. Now days, safety features that are given discounts include car alarms, anti-lock braking systems and more. Due to the number of safety features available to consumers today, in addition to the sometimes fatal results of not having these safety features in a car, insurance companies are motivated to offer discounts to drivers who make it a point to have auto safety features on their cars.

Safety features that offer protection while driving, like the anti-lock breaking systems (ABS), qualify for auto insurance discounts with some insurers. ABS allows the driver to steer at the same time they are braking, causing fewer accidents on the road. This feature not only adds value to your car, but can save lives. Another beneficial safety feature is keyless car entry. This feature allows the driver quick entrance and exit from the car should anyone threaten them inside or out. This added safety device can also knock down auto insurance premiums.

When thieves steal a car, it is usually to strip it and sell it for parts. Drivers can have a tool installed that sends an electric transmission to local police when the car is stolen. According to My.Lojack.com, if a car owner has this electronic transmission tool installed, he or she is 90 percent more likely to get their car back with little damage. Add locked rims to your car and the chances of the vehicle’s total recovery increase even more. When a car is less likely to get stolen, or more likely to be found faster if stolen at all, the insurance risk is less to the insurance company. This causes them to offer lower premiums to policyholders that have these features.

Another technology feature that could earn an auto insurance discount is the ability to speak to someone from the comfort of your car. This feature automatically calls the operator to request help if there is an accident. Safety and reduced premiums go hand in hand with most insurance companies.

For vehicle owners looking to have a safe driving experience, all of these auto safety features can add to their sense of security. And, the promise of lower auto insurance premiums is just as rewarding. Consider using these tips.