July 8, 2009

Senior Citizen Auto Insurance Discounts

Senior citizens can save money on auto insurance by taking a few simple steps. One of these steps is taking a defensive driving course for seniors. Senior citizens can earn a discounted rate on auto insurance by completing a driving safety course designed for mature drivers. In some instances, the completion of these courses can earn senior citizens up to 15% savings on auto insurance.

Senior citizens can also save money on auto insurance by altering their coverage. For instance, an elderly driver may want to have auto insurance with a high deductible. This will help maintain lower monthly premiums. A senior citizen can modify an auto insurance policy by discontinuing unnecessary coverage. If the car is an older model, comprehensive and/or collision coverage may not be needed. Seniors can save money by dropping one or both of these coverage options.

Other ways for senior citizens to save money on auto insurance include inquiring about discounts given for safety features on vehicles, as well as determining if the senior is eligible for a discounted rate from a former employer.

Senior citizens also have the ability to save money on auto insurance by comparing auto insurance quotes. Auto free insurance quotes are available online, and obtaining one is simple and convenient. Senior citizens can get a free auto insurance quote by checking the rates from companies that serve the local area. Rates may differ depending on what type of coverage is needed. When comparing rates, senior citizens can determine if specific discounts will truly allow them to save more in the long run.

There are auto insurance companies that offer coverage plans specifically for individuals within a certain age group. Most senior auto insurance policies are available to those drivers who are fifty and older, but a few are available for drivers who are 49. Some of these discounted policies save mature drivers 10% on car insurance, while others may offer higher discounts. It’s best to review all the information and ask questions if you are looking for the best discount available.

When searching for senior citizen auto insurance discounts, the easiest way to begin is looking online. There are many websites that offer free auto insurance quotes. Rates are typically based on age, location, driving history, and coverage needed. Discounts may be available depending on age, vehicle safety features, driving safety courses completed, and driving record.

If you are a senior citizen interested in obtaining auto insurance discounts, request an auto insurance quote online. You can also speak to an auto insurance representative to get more information about plans and discounts for seniors.