December 7, 2010

Services Offered By Auto Insurance Beyond Simple Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is the standard service that most Americans think of when it comes to auto insurance policies. Accidents and claims are by far the most common use of auto insurance, and most consumers fear reporting collisions or making claims in the event that their rates will rise. This can often lead to a narrow vision of the services that insurance providers can offer, and many drivers are unaware of some of the extra services that their auto insurance quote comes with, often at no extra charge. These services are typically provided above and beyond simple collision coverage but many drivers are simply unaware of how to access them. Here are a few that are commonly offered.

The first are services relating to theft of vehicles. If a car is stolen, many insurance companies are able to partner with car monitoring services in order to pinpoint the location of the car and stop it from being driven through electronic means. This is of benefit to the company as they have a marked interest in protecting the vehicle they have chosen to insure and recovery is typically cheaper than a pay out for a new vehicle. Car insurance providers can also assist in helping drivers to deal with vandalism to their cars or theft from their vehicles. In both cases, things such as "penalty free" claims for service are offered by a number of companies in order to promote services. Services for stolen or damaged vehicles or for the property that they contain can help to make insurance coverage far more robust than simple collision would make it seem.

Many insurance companies will also offer trip planning services along with their collision coverage and as part of a standard insurance quote. These services include things such as maps and trip directions including points of interest and estimated distances. Along with these services, many insurance companies are also great at offering advice to customers about a variety of car maladies. This advice will come without cost, and will not cause a auto insurance quote to rise. It can be an excellent way to gather information about collisions or eventual claims so that clients can be prepared in the event that a claim must be filed. A good insurance company should provide a robust customer service section that can answer any questions a customer may have about their policy.

Insurance companies offer a variety of value-added services above and beyond standard collision coverage, and these can often make the entire package of services more viable. Be sure to ask an insurance provider what services they can offer to help make driving a safer and simpler experience.