February 6, 2010

Are There Special Auto Insurance Options For Military Families

Although the cost of living has been on the rise in the United States there are still some things that military personnel can benefit from. Discounted auto insurance is offered from certain insurance companies, to all active or retired military. There are also two programs that are especially helpful to military and those programs are USAA and AFI.

USAA (United Service Automobile Association) was created in 1922 and formed by a group of active military workers who wanted to self insure each other. The reason they did this was due to the fact they were seen as a high risk group and could not get auto insurance otherwise. USSA is a program specifically designed for military clients and offers coverage and protection to families and active duty military members who are deployed or at home. USSA offers very low auto insurance quotes and according to their website, members can save up to $525 a year.

Another program is AFIC (Armed Forces Insurance), which provides discounted auto insurance through Progressive. Progressive is a well known auto insurance company and these services are provided in 38 states. Auto insurance offers the same benefits and protection for military and non- military persons. To get the lower auto insurance rate, the coverage is merely based on a group categorization for all military and their families. This allows the company to provide an economical coverage in the interest of the family, in case of any accident or problem with the vehicle.

Another option for a military family is simply making certain adjustments to the Insurance you currently have or the coverage you purchase. One way to lower your premium is to take a higher deductible, and then you will be paying less every month. One can also buy a policy that solely covers motorist liability and does not offer any benefits toward fixing or replacing a vehicle. Customizing your current auto insurance will bring down your overall premium without having to change companies.

You may be able to get a discount if you are deployed. If you discuss with your insurer that you are being deployed you may get a discount if the car is not being used for commuting purposes. If the car is going to be in storage you may still have to hand in your license plates if you want to drop your insurance all together. While your military status gives you a discounted rate on insurance, you determine how big of a discount that is by calling Individual companies for an auto insurance quote.