March 30, 2012

Talking Over An Auto Insurance Quote With A Teen Driver

Getting a license for a teen is a big deal. It means they can take on more responsibility, hit the open road, and rely less on their parents or friends to get them around. Excitement is a major motivating factor for getting a driver's license. However, the next step is typically to purchase a vehicle for them to be able to driver to and from wherever they please. The problem with that scenario for parents is that it also means they must obtain auto insurance for their teen drivers. Since teen drivers are in a high risk pool with insurance companies, they often get much higher premiums than many adults. Teens tend to speed more, obey fewer laws, and generally be reckless when they driver, which is why they are such a risk to insurance companies. That is why it may be extremely important that parents talk over an auto insurance quote with teen drivers so that they understand the true value of driving.

First, parents must obtain the best auto insurance quote possible for their teen. That means more than simply getting the most affordable policy possible. Parents should strive for not only affordable quotes but quotes that offer the best coverage, often higher than the state requirement. To do this, parents can go the new traditional route of searching online through search engines like Google and Yahoo!. Entering keyword phrases for the type of insurance and vehicle for their teen is the first step. The next step is to peruse all of the results to find reputable companies and that have established themselves in the industry. They then enter information on the online quote and follow up by calling the agent and discussing specifics.

Parents also have the option of going through a quote comparison site. This will speed up the process and ultimately get parents the best quotes that are affordable and offer great coverage. Again, a follow up call with the insurance company agent is necessary.

Once parents have all of the specifics about the plan and its costs, they must then go over the quote with their teens. This entails going through each piece of the quote, what it includes, how it keeps them safe, and what to do if they get into an accident. Parents must explain what type of coverage they have and what it covers when there is an accident. Talking about uninsured motorist coverage is a must since most teens will not know what this is. They should also know about bodily injury coverage and collision coverage since these are aspects of the plan that are likely to be used. This way, they know the value of insurance.