January 9, 2010

Texas Program Cracks Down On Uninsured Drivers

Texas drivers will soon have powerful new incentives to get auto insurance, thanks to the efforts of the TexasSure program. TexasSure is comprised of an immense database of auto insurance policy information supplied by auto insurance companies of all sizes. The database will be used by law officials to locate drivers that might be forging insurance cards or foregoing car insurance altogether. Policemen and other officials will easily be able to determine whether a certain driver is insured using the database, and TexasSure officials will use the system to warn uninsured drivers that heavy penalties await them if they’re not willing to find some sort of legitimate auto insurance coverage.

Most of the time, drivers don’t get insurance policies because the cost of coverage is too high. This is especially the case when a bad economy hits, a time when the number of uninsured drivers commonly rises. While driving while uninsured might seem like a cheap option when looking for an auto insurance quote, it’s illegal in the United States. It can also result in huge fines and financial ruin in the event of a serious accident. The penalty in Texas for driving a vehicle without insurance is $350 for the first offense. The fine more than doubles for additional offenses, and can result in the loss of a person’s driver’s license and even jail time.

Texas drivers looking for a cheap auto insurance rate should consider online insurance cost comparison websites. Additionally, other methods can be used to further decrease premiums, even for high-risk drivers. For example, defensive driving courses and joint policies (policies that cover all of the drivers in a household rather than a single motorist) are great ways to decrease costs. Most auto insurance companies offer tips for decreasing the cost of policies, which certainly will be helpful when the TexasSure system goes into widespread use. Insured drivers in the Lone Star State will probably see decreased premiums as a result of the TexasSure system for several reasons. More insured drivers means less litigation and payout for car insurance companies. These savings are passed on to consumers. The increase in demand for car insurance might further drive rates down, as car insurers will have more capital to use when paying out on claims.

If the system is successful, it may expand to other states. This development could lead to safer roads throughout the United States, as well as lower auto insurance costs across the board. For Texas drivers, though, the benefits of the new program are immediate – fewer drivers will be able to find ways around the law, and safe drivers will enjoy a lower auto insurance rate.