May 8, 2011

The Real Risks Of Fraud After An Automobile Accident

Every automobile insurance company expends millions of dollars every year to protect themselves against insurance fraud. Many types of fraud occur. Despite the name or type of fraud, the motive inevitably involves money. Most people are not thinking about the other driver's intentions or automobile coverage after an accident. They are checking for any injuries, damage to the vehicle and calculating how this will affect their day. The scammer is banking on this very thing.

If the unfortunate does happen, there are ways you can protect yourself to prevent becoming a victim of fraud. Paying attention to details and being thorough will prevent most occurrences as well as staying organized.

Exchange numbers as well as obtain insurance and driver's license information. In addition, any person involved in the accident should give you their name, address and phone number. Take detailed pictures of any vehicle damage and make sure to call law enforcement. After they arrive, get the officer's name and an official record of the accident to report to the automobile insurance company.

In addition, it might be a good idea to have a camera handy and a means to record information. This could be either on your phone or with a pen and paper. Take many detailed pictures of any damage and of all cars involved. With detailed information and pictures, your chances improve of falling victim to a scam.

Another means to protect yourself against fraud is to be aware of the most common techniques employed by scammers. These cons are well thought out and possibly rehearsed prior to the incident. If you suspect anything, do not hesitate to report it immediately as this will affect your automobile coverage.

Scammers employ many schemes in order to reap monetary benefits. A common scheme involves a con artist deliberately hitting your car after waving you into traffic or out of a parking space. Also, if you are in the inner lane and turn a driver will ram your car from the outer lane while turning. Also be alert of strangers offering their services at the accident or shortly afterward. These services may be laced with padded bill and non-existent repairs. In addition, a scammer may cut you off then slam on the brakes. After the collision, the driver will fake back or neck injuries for a larger claim against your automobile insurance company.

Protect your automobile coverage and rates from insurance fraud by remaining alert and knowing what types of fraud exist. If something does not feel as it should contact your automobile insurance company and report all documentation recorded. In the end, it saves everybody money and guards against needless accidents.