March 16, 2011

The Role Of A Driving Record In Getting Reasonable Auto Insurance Quotes

It's important to cultivate a good driving record for a number of reasons, but the most important of these might be the low auto insurance quotes that safer drivers get from their auto insurance providers. Every car insurance company will offer reasonable auto insurance rates to a good driver, but becoming a good driver means a very low incidence of traffic incidents, citations, and auto insurance claims. All drivers should be aware of the importance of a good driving record and the type of effect that even a single insurance claim can make on car insurance quotes.

Drivers start out with relatively high insurance rates, as anyone who's ever been a teenage driver knows. This is due to insurance company actuarial statistics, which show that young and inexperienced drivers are much more likely to be involved in a claim than more experienced, older drivers. However, if a driver gets a single speeding ticket, his auto insurance quotes will often increase by 20% or more. Additional infractions will raise rates more dramatically, as will any claims reported on the auto insurance policy. The bigger the claim or traffic violation, the bigger the increase in insurance rates will be. Again, this is based on statistics-drivers who show a history of bad behavior are more likely to make a pattern out of the behavior, which leads to bigger costs for the car insurance company.

To get reasonable auto insurance rates, a driver needs to stay as safe as possible. It's almost impossible to drive for twenty or thirty years without being involved in a minor fender bender or receiving a speeding ticket, however. The good news is that many auto insurance companies now offer accident forgiveness programs which are designed to help good drivers keep their records after a single misstep. Enrolling in this type of program will often cost a driver a few dollars a month, but it can be well worth it to keep a good record intact. Drivers who are issued speeding tickets can also take special driving courses to help avoid an insurance rate hike.

If you're able to keep a good driving record, you'll see much more reasonable car insurance quotes from all of the major insurance companies. However, you'll only get the best possible rates and coverage if you research your options. Look online for auto insurance quotes on a regular basis in order to avoid overpaying and to make the most of your good driving record. Taking a few minutes to check your rates several times a year will ensure high levels of coverage and a smarter, more affordable premium.