October 7, 2010

Three Common Types Of Auto Insurance Add Ons

When you look at an auto insurance quote, you'll have the option to select add on coverages that can improve the overall quality and protection offered by your policy. These add ons can be useful, as they're a very specific way to tailor your coverage and keep yourself protected on the road. Some of the more popular add ons offered by car insurance companies are fairly general, and have obvious benefits that can be worthwhile for any driver.

One of the most popular add ons is roadside assistance. Roadside assistance covers the cost of a tow truck, water and fuel delivery, or other services that a driver might need when a vehicle breaks down. A roadside assistance add on coverage will usually cost a few extra dollars a month, and it's well worth the money for frequent travelers. However, roadside assistance coverage varies greatly depending on the insurance company, and it's important to read about this add on before buying it. Similarly, accident forgiveness has been gaining popularity as an add on coverage, but accident forgiveness policies are extremely different from one car insurance company to the next. The basic function of these add ons is to help a driver avoid car insurance rate increases from a single accident. Accident forgiveness programs are usually only available for drivers who have very clean driving records free from accidents or traffic citations.

Drivers who own heavily customized or restored vehicles may also purchase custom parts and equipment coverage. This coverage increases the cost of an auto insurance quote significantly depending on the amount of coverage that the driver selects. The function of custom parts and equipment (or CPE) is to cover damages caused to restored or customized components of a vehicle. However, custom parts and equipment coverage is not necessary for drivers who do not drive heavily modified vehicles, as most standard comprehensive car insurance policies will cover about $1,000 of custom parts and equipment. Even so, CPE coverage can be worthwhile for certain drivers, and it's a popular option among car fanatics.

When you look at an auto insurance quote, be sure to consider the various add ons offered on your policy. Some may be more valuable than others, but knowing about your options is essential to choosing a protective policy. As is the case with any type of insurance coverage, add on costs vary greatly, so it may be a good idea to look online for car insurance quotes before adding or removing coverages from your policy. This will help you to keep your rates low as you explore options to expand your car insurance coverage.