July 21, 2010

Three Signs It Is Time To Switch Auto Insurance Providers

If someone is feeling dissatisfied in their relationship with their insurance provider, how does one know when it is time to get an auto insurance quote from a competitor? There are three signs it is time to switch to another company.

If there is a pattern of rate increases, even though there haven't been any claims made, then it is time to get a quote. It is common knowledge that costs are increasing for everything, but auto insurance isn't supposed to work that way. Insurance providers are supposed to reward loyalty and safe driving in a business relationship, because these qualities lower their payouts and increase repeat renewals. If rate increases are occurring without cause, they might have lost sight of the value of a business relationship and it is probably time to check out a competitor.

If customer service is deteriorated or hoops have to be jumped through in order to make a change to a policy or to report a claim, then it might be time to make a change. Rates haven't increased, but the insurance provider is probably cutting back on payroll, and this is externalizing their costs. Focus is being put on profit, and not on quality service. This comes at the expense of the client whom they are there to protect. Bottom line is, they're not putting the needs of their clients first, and that shows priorities aren't in proper perspective. Insurance providers are supposed to be there when the need for them arises.

If there are changes in the lifestyle of the client, this should be a sign to get an insurance quote to see if a better rate can be attained. Different insurance companies target different clientele. One insurance company might be specializing more in small business contractors, another for commuters, one might be going toward families and another towards senior citizens. The best rates and coverage are going toward their target crowd. This isn't necessarily wrong, but it might not be best for the insured party. Everyone goes through changes, and the insurance company that matches a client one point in life, might not be able to cater to a newer stage.

No matter what, if there is dissatisfaction of any sort in a relationship with an insurance provider…it probably means that it is time to get an auto insurance quote. After all, the person who best knows the needs of the insured is the insured. When there are red flags in any of these three areas, chances are the insurance provider is not addressing the needs of the insured and it might be time to move on.