August 9, 2011

Three Things That Will Quickly Increase Your Auto Insurance Rates

There are several ways for people to lower their auto insurance rates and even more ways to make them higher. No matter how it’s sliced, auto insurance rates will directly reflect driver liability and amount of coverage. It only makes sense that adding coverage will increase auto insurance quotes, but it is not uncommon to see the rates rise, while the coverage stays basically the same.


The quickest way to see an upward swing in auto insurance rates is to get into a car accident. Not only does this cost the insurance provider money, but they see a higher probability of spending more in the future as well. An accident is the most sudden way to increase liability as well as auto insurance rates.

Traffic violations and especially drinking while driving will also increase auto insurance rates. Traffic laws are based on safety, so failure to abide by them sends a clear message to the insurance providers; unsafe and irresponsible. These two labels will quickly add cost to auto insurance.


Auto insurance quotes that have an added driver are likely to see a price spike. Prices can take a particularly high jump if the added driver is a teenager and/or inexperienced. Just like the nervous parents, insurance providers get a little shaky too, and this is reflected in the new rates.

Adding an inexperienced driver not only raises the price of premiums, but policy holders may also be inclined to add additional coverage for more protection. This is going to drive the prices, but if extra coverage is needed, it is absolutely a good idea to be prepared with it.


The vehicle itself has considerable bearing on auto insurance rates. Unfortunately for some, the make and model of their vehicle is sometimes enough to up the cost of insurance. The vehicle can drive rates in two ways. The first way is by simply being a higher liability due to chance of theft. If someone happens to have a car that thieves favor to steal, it will be reflected in their premiums.

Another unfortunate circumstance that the vehicle can cause for the owner is pigeonholing them as a certain type of driver. This happens when a majority of drivers of a specific vehicle get into accidents and traffic violations. When an increasing number of drivers do the same thing, the liability will be found with the common denominator, which is the vehicle.

Sometimes increased auto insurance quotes are simply unavoidable. Safe driving, close attention to traffic laws and requesting information from insurance providers prior to the vehicle purchase are all effective ways to keep the price increases at bay.