June 25, 2010

Three Ways To Find Out Exactly What An Auto Insurance Quote Covers

When shopping for an auto insurance quote, many consumers are confused by the variety of options and constant claims that a particular policy is the best insurance coverage value for the money. This article provides guidance on how consumers can compare apples to apples in making smart decisions when purchasing auto coverage in three ways.

First, take a moment to read your quote. Whether your policy is purchased from an agent or online, the quote is a summary that will often describe the types of protections included, such as uninsured motorist, medical payment coverage, and/or liability protections. Many of these are designed to be easily understood by the consumer.

Second, be sure to read the insurance policy itself. The unfortunate reality is that many people spend more time shopping for an auto insurance quote than they spend learning what they have purchased. The policy should have separate bold or highlighted headings for each type of coverage offered. In addition, a quick review of the policy's exclusions and endorsements can explain what coverage is carved out, and what limits apply to them. Mistakes by insurance agents and on applications are not uncommon, and review of the policy may be a customer's only chance to determine if the coverage purchased is the coverage desired.

Finally, don't be shy about contacting your agent, or the insurance company to ask specific questions about the protections afforded by your policy. When buying new policies or getting coverage from a different carrier, it is important to learn from the insurance seller what, if anything, has changed in the new policy. It can even be wise to ask your agent what auto insurance he, or she carries, and why. When calling carriers, be sure to have the policy in hand so the customer service representative can provide direction as to the places in the policy where the protections you want are located. If the coverage cannot be located in writing, on the policy, the safe assumption is that the policy does not afford that specific protection. Some online auto insurance quote services will compare prices on auto insurance coverage with handy charts and graphics that will check or highlight these differences.

While not a substitute for reading the policy, these sites can give very easy to understand guidance on key differences in the policy. Nothing is more frustrating than incurring an insurance loss only to discover that the coverage needed is excluded. Plan ahead and use these three sources and available online help to get what you want, how you want it.