August 19, 2011

Time Limits To Keep In Mind During An Auto Insurance Claim

No matter how safe a driver you are and how many precautions you take before getting on the road and when you're actually on the road, accidents happen. Sometimes the accidents are your fault and other times it's another negligent driver's fault. However, the insurance company doesn't always look at whose fault it was but at the number of times you get into an accident. The more accidents you're involved in, the higher risk you pose for claims and more payouts. The other thing drivers in accidents need to remember is that there are certain insurance claim time limits to adhere to. Insurance companies rely on their customers making an auto insurance claim as close after an accident as possible. This means that whenever you get into a car accident, you need to be prepared to call in the claim as soon as possible so that the investigation and any compensation you are owed can be processed.

Auto insurance claim time limits need to be taken into consideration any time there's an accident involving your vehicle. Although there may be a lot of commotion going on following an accident, the auto insurance claim process should always be in the back of your mind. Insurance providers create these time limits so that everything can be completed in a timely manner and any payouts can be sent out as quickly as possible.

One of the first time limits you'll have is the one tied to the actual initial claim of the accident. It's best if you inform your insurance company within 24 hours of the accident if possible. If you are hospitalized, then have a family member or friend phone the claim in. In order to get the money you need for your hospital bills and injuries sustained during the accident, the claim must be made within a day of the accident. This way, the insurance company can quickly send out someone to investigate the accident. They will check out your vehicle and the vehicle of the driver or drivers. After this, they will determine who was at fault and what money is owed to whom.

The official police report is also something that needs to be taken into consideration. Typically, the police will arrive at an accident and immediately interview all involved parties and witnesses. They will then create an official report with all of the conversations and any evidence found at the scene. It is your job to inform your insurance company of the police report number. In some cases, the insurance company will ask that you pick up a copy of the report yourself and then mail it within 2 days.