December 21, 2010

Tips For Avoiding Bad Drivers And Keeping Auto Insurance Rates Low

One of the best ways to keep your auto insurance quotes at an affordable level is to avoid getting into an accident. Even a single accident can result in a huge jump in monthly insurance premiums, and while the consequences of an accident are worse if you're the driver who is at fault, drivers can even be penalized for accidents in which they're completely innocent. This is due to the way that insurance companies use and interpret their actuarial tables. Drivers who are involved in once accident are often involved in another, regardless of whether or not they're bad drivers themselves. This means that for drivers who are trying to stay safe and keep their auto insurance quotes low, it's important to learn techniques to avoid dangerous situations and deal with risky drivers safely.

The best way to do this is to learn how to drive defensively. Many drivers have heard the term "defensive driving" in the driver education courses that they'd taken to get their licenses, but actual defensive driving techniques aren't always used on the road. To drive defensively, a driver must actively scan the road to look for threats and for other drivers who might not be paying attention. An essential part of defensive driving is avoiding any risks and never assuming that another car will act in a certain way. For instance, if a driver is signaling for a left turn, a defensive driver won't turn out in front of him, as the signaling driver may have accidentally left his turn signal on. This type of reasoning can help to prevent a large number of accidents.

If you're especially worried about avoiding bad drivers and keeping your auto insurance quotes to a respectable level, consider looking into defensive driving courses. These courses are for adult drivers who want to drive more safely, and not only will they teach you techniques that can keep you away from some of the more dangerous drivers on the road, they often lead to hefty discounts from auto insurance providers. They're also fairly short courses, so most experienced drivers won't have to spend much time in them to greatly improve their driving skills.

By watching your driving habits, you can lower your chances of being involved in an accident, so take steps to pay more attention while you're driving your vehicle. Watch out for potentially unsafe drivers and always remember to drive defensively, even when you're in a hurry. Staying safe on the road has a number of rewards, and better safety combined with a big discount on your monthly premiums is certainly worth the trouble.