March 4, 2010

Top 5 Reasons For Distracted Driving Auto Accidents

There are five common activities that can inadvertently cause auto accidents if performed while driving. And with any auto accident, it will definitely raise your auto insurance premium. Being conscious of these 5 everyday behaviors and avoiding them will help avoid accidents, and keep your auto insurance payments low.

First, the most common is operating a mobile device while driving. This includes talking, texting, and any other features your mobile device may offer. While many places have passed laws prohibiting the use of mobile devices without hands-free capabilities, there is still an inherent risk of distraction. Which leads to another common distraction: conversations with passengers. These situations typically include spouses/significant others interacting or parents interacting with their younger children. It may be tricky in the latter situation, however if there is a situation with younger children that needs your attention, pull over. The safety of yourself and the children in the car may very well depend on it.

Applying makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth and eating while driving are common distractions. In the case of the first three, concentration is divided between the road and your face, and in the case of all four there is inherent danger of not being in total control of your vehicle. This also can lead to another distraction: retrieving an item. Be it in the glove compartment, middle console, passenger or back seat, it may be best to avoid searching for items while moving. This distraction not only takes eyes off the road, but reduces control of the vehicle. The fifth common distraction while driving that many people seem to overlook is tardiness. That’s right, running late for something increases anxiety, and many drivers are so preoccupied with the concept of being late, that they often drive faster and more aggressively, frequently look at the clock, and engage in other distracting behaviors that were previously listed. While it is very easy to attempt to accomplish several tasks while driving, especially if you’re late, it might be safer to wait until you arrive at your destination or pull over to avoid an accident.

With more vehicles on roads, there are more drivers to be aware of. These everyday behaviors may seem mundane, but shouldn’t be overlooked for their potential to divert attention away from driving. Engaging in any of these behaviors increases risks for an auto accident, and insurance companies are aware of that. A few brokers offering an auto insurance quote may even ask about driving habits to asses risks. Maintaining a focused state of mind while driving is not only economical, but will also help prevent an unfortunate event- and perhaps save a life.