April 28, 2011

Types Of Auto Insurance To Buy For Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are gaining in popularity. They're fuel efficient, they appeal to the environmentally conscious, and hybrids encourage various types of auto insurance companies to offer discounts. Be aware that repair and replacement costs for hybrids run higher than for other cars. That will cause insurance premiums also to be relatively higher.

There are some things regarding hybrid vehicles that weigh in favor of owners. Insurance firms base their auto coverage on risk factors, and hybrid drivers are considered to be mature individuals who accept the responsibility of driving safely. Clean driving records, combined with an excellent credit report, are enough to convince insurers that a policyholder will be involved in fewer, if any, accidents. Insurance companies anticipate these drivers won't be filing many property claims. That perception of reduced risk will get discounts of up to 10 percent for good driving policyholders.

As with anything that requires attention to detail, it's wise to become thoroughly conversant with the types of auto insurance that suit your needs as a hybrid vehicle owner. While several companies are willing to offer a 10 percent discount, others keep discounts at lower levels. Some insurers won't offer discounts of any size. Make sure you understand the offers presented by insurance companies. Don't assume you're going to qualify for anything until you see it written into your policy.

Don't waste time trying to find an insurance company that specializes in hybrid car policies. Any insurer will write a policy that covers a hybrid, eliminating the worry that maybe you should have bought a traditional car. This is good for the company because not only can they sign up good customer, but there are some states that pay insurance companies a small amount for insuring a specified amount of hybrids. The benefit here is that as more insurers are paid something by the state, it should convince insurance companies to lower their premium rates at a level corresponding with what a state might have paid out.

Finding lower insurance rates for hybrid vehicles is as simple as obtaining coverage for your regular car. One-year tax credits are available for people who buy a hybrid. That tax advantage can help defray the added costs of buying a hybrid vehicle. There are a number of different discounts that might be offered for a hybrid. These include a safe driving record, good credit, enrolling in driving classes, having extra safety features installed, anti-theft equipment, higher deductibles, and no teenage drivers.

Shop around. Inquire with your current insurer about their policies regarding hybrids. Then find out what other companies offer. Use the Internet to conduct a thorough search before you agree to anything.