February 11, 2011

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Quotes Before Signing A Contract

Please review and understand the auto insurance quotes before signing your auto insurance contract. Once the contract is completed the prices, coverage and offers presented in the quote are final. All offers and promotions included in the contract will immediately take effect. You will be entitled to receive these benefits and services at the time stipulated in the contract. Similarly, any subsequent offers from this company may not be applied to an outstanding contract.

The auto insurance quotes are an indication of the coverage available to the consumer. They are not, however, the final payment plan or pricing structure. The final pricing structure is indicated in the auto insurance contract alone. Certain elements, such as plan duration and coverage, can only be viewed in the full text of the contract. This full text must be reviewed to comprehend the benefits owed in the event of an incident. The contract also contains a full description of monies and penalties which might be assessed. It is important to understand the ramifications of early termination or breach of contract before signing. The contracted parties will be held fully accountable for knowing and understanding these terms. If there is any difficulty understanding portions of the contract, address questions to the agent who authored it.

It is important to understand the auto insurance contract as it is presented. The signer will be fully responsible for meeting all terms and conditions within. It is recommended that the following key points in the contract be reviewed and fully understood. Review the schedule of payment. The signer will be responsible for presenting payment on the outlined schedule of payment. Review the items to which the coverage applies. The signer will receive only the coverage specified in the contract. Specifically, the signer's coverage is limited only to the vehicles and drivers specified. It is also important to review the monetary figures such as the deductible and maximum per year coverage. These elements should be within the bounds described by the agent. If there are any figures that do not coincide with the signer's expectations or intent, contact an agent prior to signing.

Again, the auto insurance quote alone is not sufficient to provide all the pertinent payment and coverage information. The pertinent payment information is available only in the auto insurance contract. All parties signing this contract will be subject to the terms and conditions contained within. All parties signing will also be held to these conditions despite any failure to understand the terms. Again, if there is any portion of the contract that is unclear, contact an agent. Otherwise, complete the contract to begin receiving auto insurance benefits and coverage.