February 3, 2010

Warning Signs That Your Auto Insurance Claim May Not End Up In Your Favor

After getting in a car accident, many thoughts go through your head, including whether or not your auto insurance claim will be settled in your favor. Although you would likely worry no matter what the circumstances surrounding your insurance claim are, there are some signs that suggest that you might not win your auto insurance claim. However, if you catch these signs early enough, you can take action to help yourself turn the tables and get the reimbursement you believe you deserve.

First of all, you should be monitoring your auto insurance before you get into an accident. If you take a look at your insurance after the fact and realize your coverage amounts are not as high as you thought they were, it’s likely that your auto insurance coverage won’t pay for your accident costs. Even if they pay, they probably won’t pay much. It is wise to carefully scrutinize your policy before you end up in an accident. If you’re naive about your policy, it’s easier for your company to deny your claims.

Secondly, if the insurance company doesn’t see the damage, you’re not as likely to get your claim approved. Of if your claim is approved, it might not be for the amount you think you deserve. If the damage is minimal, or if the insurance inspectors don’t see the damage, your auto insurance coverage probably won’t pull through. One suggestion to avoid this is to go with the assessors whenever they look at your car. In addition, you can always take pictures of the accident as soon as possible, which will give you better leverage as you make your case to the insurance company. However, if your car insurance company doesn’t think your car was damaged, or thinks that the damage is less than you have stipulated, this is one big sign that your claim will be denied.

Thirdly, if you don’t report your accident right away, or if a police report contains information that’s different from your side of the story, it will be harder for you to prove that your version of the truth is in fact the correct version. Although you can get an accident attorney to help you make your case, it’s likely that your auto insurance claim will be denied if a police report suggests that you are at fault. In addition, if no police report is filed and the other driver contests your claim, your insurance claim may be denied. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact the police, even if the accident took place in the past. If you’re facing one of these signs of auto insurance coverage denial, take action before it’s too late.