May 30, 2010

What First Time Drivers Should Know About Auto Insurance

A shiny, newly purchased car in the driveway can elicit one of two reactions from its owner: excitement and pride, or conversely, anxiety and hand-wringing. First time drivers in particular can be prone to experience the latter reactions, having found themselves initiated into a whole different world. Once a person takes ownership of vehicle, the new responsibilities abound: regular inspections, constant fueling costs, and perhaps most importantly, making auto insurance payments. Incidentally though, shopping for an auto insurance quote can be fairly simple, if the consumer is aware of all the available discounts that most insurance companies will offer. With due diligence and thorough bargain hunting, you might find that acquiring a fair, cost-effective premium is much easier than you think.

For those new drivers who are under twenty-five, be aware that all insurance providers make provisions for students based on things you might not have been aware of, including your academic GPA! Use your student status to your advantage. They will reward you for your good grades (usually a minimum of a B average or a 3.0) and this might save you up to twenty-five percent on your auto insurance premiums! They will also be happy enough to give you a discount if you can prove to them you are a safe, conscientious driver, and complete a safety driving course. On that note, if you are careful enough to avoid mishaps and violations for as long as three years, your efforts will not go unnoticed. Insurance companies appreciate drivers who don’t cost them money (naturally) and they are willing to reduce your premium as a gesture. If you’re able to maintain a clean record for as long as five years, you will be granted an even bigger reduction.

Also, one of the biggest favors your can do for yourself is to raise your deductible to as much as you think you can manage in the case of collision. First time drivers might shy away from this idea - it is nerve-wracking to think about having to pay a significant sum out of pocket in the case of an accident - but in the end, it is the logical choice. If you take a realistic assessment of how much you can truly afford to pay, together with the possibility that a higher deductible can cut premium costs as much as forty percent, the choice seems obvious.

When it comes to shopping for an auto insurance quote, newbie drivers must keep one thing in mind: being green on the road doesn’t mean you have to pay for it.