November 18, 2011

What To Know About Auto Insurance Coverage For Hail Damage

Your auto insurance coverage is designed to take care of hail damage as well as many other things that are deemed as natural causes. This is all part of the comprehensive coverage of your auto insurance policy. It's important to know all about this coverage so that you are well protected should you need to make a claim.

Hail is one of those natural occurrences that just happen. You have no control over it and your auto insurance company knows this. If you've gotten stuck in a hail storm and have sustained damage to your car, it's covered in your policy under the comprehensive aspect of your policy.

When you place your claim for comprehensive damage, it is very different from collision. Collision is something that you had control over, which could increase your rate. It's very important that you make sure your insurance company files this against comprehensive so that you don't suddenly see an increase in your premium because of something you didn't do.

You need to look at your collision coverage and find out exactly how the verbiage covers the costs of repairs. You may be entitled to free repairs up to a certain cost. You may also have to pay your deductible before your insurance company begins to pick up the rest of the repairs. This information will be in the details of your policy.

You may be entitled to a new windshield once a year due to hail damage or up to a particular amount of money in repairs. Your policy will clearly spell this out.

Reading your policy details before you call and make the claim can be beneficial. This way you learn exactly what you're entitled to so that the insurance company cannot tell you otherwise.

Rocks hitting your car on the highway and hail are covered in the same way. Depending on where you live, your car insurance company has already made certain provisions to take care of you. This is part of what makes your auto insurance quote higher in some states than others.

If you have to go to an auto shop to get a quote, make sure that they specify that it was caused by hail damage. This will ensure that your insurance company files it in the appropriate aspect of your auto insurance coverage.

You never have to worry about your policy going up with hail damage. You didn't do anything out of the ordinary to cause the damage. Your monthly premium policies are probably already higher because of the potential for hail in your area. So, go ahead and make your claim for repairs.