October 29, 2011

When Rental Vehicle Insurance Is A Good Idea

A rental car can be a great option for those looking to take a cross-country vacation, or may be provided by an insurance provider in the event that a client's car is damaged or not drivable due to a collision. While these vehicles are not actually owned by those who drive them, what happens to them on the road remains the responsibility of the driver. For this reason, rental vehicle insurance exists, and there are a number of ways in which it is offered, including auto insurance online, as well as several instances in which it can be a worthwhile purchase for those who are getting behind the wheel of a rental vehicle of any kind.

The first type of rental vehicle insurance that many drivers will come across is offered by the company which owns and rents the rental vehicle. This kind of insurance will have a daily cost, typically in the area of $20 to $30, and will cover a portion of the cost of collision damage. How much and what other exclusions are a part of this coverage will be in the fine print of the agreement, and it is important to understand that if this coverage is declined and no other coverage is in place, a vehicle driver will be on the hook for the entire cost of a car repair should an accident occur.

Another option for rental car insurance is to use a credit card. Many major credit cards have programs which will cover collisions involving vehicles that are driven by card holders. Usually, a call to the credit card company and basic details about the vehicle will be all that are required to set up this form of limited rental vehicle insurance.

A driver may also be able to insure their rental vehicle through their standard insurance provider. Many companies offer the ability to add rental car coverage to an existing policy in order to cover any collision damage to a non-owned vehicle that is operated by the policy holder, and the cost of this kind of insurance is often much cheaper than when purchased through a rental car company or by using a credit card. In all cases, there are limitations to the amount of damage that any rental car coverage will offer, though many companies that offer auto insurance online will detail upfront what they will and will not cover.

For anyone planning to use a rental vehicle over a long period of time, dedicated rental insurance from a reputable provider can be a great way to ensure that unforeseen accidents and don't end up costing a driver a significant amount of money along with being an administrative headache.