December 29, 2011

When Rental Vehicle Insurance Is A Smart Car Insurance Add On

Car insurance can sometimes be a difficult necessity to navigate. There are so many different laws, so many different levels of coverage, and so many different add ons that can be had. Additionally, there are a bunch of discounts that are available that some insurance agents don't fully disclose and a number of other facets of insurance that will probably never be understood by the average policy holder. One fact does present itself fairly obviously and that is of the rising cost of auto insurance in general. Even though policies are becoming more expensive, there are just some coverage types you can't get rid of and some add ons that are absolutely necessary. In order to continue being fully covered, individuals should leave the add ons that simply work and look at other ways to save money. For many, rental vehicle insurance is probably one of the best add-ons they can have. This can also be true even if you have teen drivers on the policy.

Of all the car insurance add ons to think about getting, rental vehicle insurance is probably one of the best extra expenses. But this is not the best use of add ons for those that don't do a lot of vehicle rentals. For individuals or families that only rent a car maybe once or twice a year, the add on may not be a good addition and will likely drive up monthly premiums.

However, for families with teen drivers or individuals that do a lot of traveling, a rental vehicle insurance add on is necessary. If an individual does quite a bit of traveling to other cities or states and often finds themselves in need of a rental car, the insurance from the rental companies can become quite expensive. Even if the driver only decides to get only liability or the lowest insurance option available, they will still have to pay an additional $15 minimum per day of rental. That can add up if one is going to be in that location for a while.

With rental vehicle insurance, the driver doesn't have to worry about any of that. They can decline the rental's insurance flat out and provide their insurance card to cover themselves. This will lower the cost of the rental and ultimately save a person a whole lot of money per year just in rental fees.

While it may seem like a lot to add on rental insurance to a policy, the savings over a year can be significant. This is especially true of people who tend to do a lot of traveling and rent cars often. Save money by getting your own rental vehicle insurance.