January 6, 2011

When To Ask An Agent About Car Insurance Questions

When shopping for car insurance, a customer often has very understandable questions about when to ask an auto insurance agent about their car insurance questions. Today, with the wealth of information available online via a simple internet search, it can be an easy assumption to make that there is no need to speak to a live auto insurance agent prior to making a decision about which auto insurance to purchase. However, while the internet is extremely useful in generating preliminary information, it is important to remember that the internet search is still only a starting point. There is much to be gained from making time to discuss specific car insurance questions with an auto insurance agent.

An excellent time to ask an agent about car insurance questions, therefore, is prior to making the purchase of a new car insurance policy. An auto insurance agent is well equipped to provide additional information relating to the geographic area of usage, additional car insurance discounts that may be available but not publicly advertised on the agency's website. Thoroughly reviewing a new car insurance policy, then meeting with an auto insurance agent to discuss car insurance questions relating to that policy, is a surefire strategy for selecting a policy that is perfectly tailored to the policyholder's car insurance needs.

Another excellent time to ask an agent about car insurance questions is when assessing whether to make changes to the car insurance policy. This is when it can be very helpful to have an existing relationship with an auto insurance agent so that they are already familiar with both the policy and the policyholder. By having an existing relationship, the agent can pull up the information about the policyholder and current limits and terms, and advise the customer about additional options to tailor the policy to the policyholder's needs. The agent can also make sure the customer is informed about any new options or policies that may be advantageous and build customer loyalty.

Finally, a great time to ask an agent about car insurance questions is when there is a need to use the benefits the policy provides. The policyholder may not be familiar with how to submit a claim, how to pursue damages for loss or theft, or how to access other benefits available under the car insurance policy. In this instance, taking the advice of a qualified auto insurance agent cuts down on confusion and offers easy access to timely information about how to take advantage of the benefits under the car insurance policy. Knowing when to contact an auto insurance agent to ask questions about car insurance can cut down on frustration and improve satisfaction.